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Officially an Office

Episode DWSP-309

Luc and Olivera Dessieux have some serious Wasted Spaces issues. The first one being their home office, if you can call it that. Tucked in one corner of their guest bedroom is the family computer, bills, and papers that are bursting out of a small cupboard on to the floor and the bed, a major problem when they're expecting guests. On top of that, their young daughter Mateya's toys are multiplying and they are completely out of storage options. What they don't know is that the solution to their problems has been right under their feet all along. Karl shows Luc and Olivera that directly below their staircase, there's tons of wasted space, and it's easy to use. Together they build a custom home office that assembles like a kit, complete with cubbies and drawers for all their paperwork and computer. They frame out a closet and use clear containers for easy to access easy to see storage.

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