DIY Network

Kicking Out the Garage Bland

Episode DWSP-409UH

Luc Dessieux has no problem getting started on home improvement projects...but that's part of the problem, this guy has so many projects going on, that his garage has become nothing more than a dumping ground for...well, everything! His wife Olivera wants him to have the organization to be able to finish his projects...but more than that, she wants her garage parking space back. Karl Champley is great at solving problems like this, For the tools and project related gear, he'll help Luc build a transforming work center that doubles its own work space in a matter of seconds. For his leftover materials...and new materials for the jobs he's bound to start, we'll suspend a lumber swing from the ceiling that drops down for easy loading but raises out of the way so they can hopefully get a car in.


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