DIY Network

Jeremy's Dream

Episode DWSP-301UH

Like most high school freshmen, Jeremy McCarter is an active teen who loves sports and music - especially guitars. But unlike most teens, Jeremy suffers from a debilitating disorder called Fabry's Disease that can rob him of his ability to enjoy such things. The condition is aggravated by stress, and with a small bedroom next to his rambunctious little sister, Jeremy really would like a quiet, private place of his own to study and relax. So when Jeremy meets up with the Dream Connection - a local organization that helps chronically ill children realize a dream - his only wish is to convert the family's unused garage into a space just for him. The Dream Connection, along with the Wasted Spaces team, organized a community effort to revamp the garage from the outside in. From new siding and windows, to a new garage door and framing - everyone helped get it ready to make the inside a super cool living space for Jeremy. In the end Jeremy is surprised by his huge, private new space complete with study loft and hangout space!


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