DIY Network

Hubby Hobby Cubbies

Episode DWSP-308UH

Mark Sluder's passion for collectibles, whether it be die cast cars or hats, has caused his home office to become his own personal man cave....and a messy one at that! His wife Laurie has designated the room his, but isn't happy with the growing clutter of artwork, cars, military gear. Mark's a Renaissance man who likes to use his office to paint, work and sort through his memorabilia, but there's no organization and barely any room to move around. So Karl shows up with a creative plan for both storage and display including built-in wall cubbies for his cars, a multi-functional desk with specially-designed secret laptop storage, and a unique artwork display that takes the 3-ring binder concept to a whole new level. The floor space gets cleared up and the wasted wall and ceiling areas are utilized to the fullest.


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