DIY Network

Catch-All Closet

Episode DWSP-307UH

The room off of Mark and Molly Meigs' bedroom has a long history. It was once a very small bedroom, but then the previous owners added on. Then Mark and Molly bumped in a wall to add a bath and what's left is a small room that has morphed into a closet...sort of....a closet with problems. There's no organization, the floor slopes thanks to the previous addition, and the neighbor's can see into the room because of a poorly-placed window. So Karl shows up with a plan to add storage, get things organized, and bring in some privacy. He looks to the floor boards for a secret storage space and the back walls for a unique laundry sorter solution. But what about the window? Karl shows the couple how to create a stained glass effect with nothing more than a spray bottle and some sheets of paper.


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