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A Nice Place to Spin Time

Episode DWSP-412UH

The Johansson family has a problem; they love to hang out in their bonus room, but their bonus room is serving way too many purposes for their time there to be relaxing. It's not only their laundry room, play room, storage room, and office, but it's where dad, Eric, does his DJ-ing hobby. So that's five uses in one room that don't get along quite like they should. On this episode of Wasted Spaces, see how Karl helps Eric, Megan, and Cline take advantage of unused space that's been there all along. We're talking, a floor to ceiling wall of toy storage, a slide out DJ center that disappears into the wall, and a desk custom fit to make use of a dead corner. We'll even throw in an access door to their attic space, making their bonus room...truly bonus space!


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