DIY Network

Roping in Felt Accessories

Episode DUCT-223

Carol Huber Cypher, author of Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads, and her friend Melissa will show us how to make some fabulous accessories! Carol will start by making a basic multicolored and layered felt rope which she will fashion into a belt, with some added beadwork. Then, it will be time for Carol and Melissa to make a beautiful scarf with felt medallions - that look like peacock feathers - and beaded fringe. The scarf will be created through felting and fulling. Next, Melissa will demonstrate how a layered felt rope can turn into a bangle bracelet, which she will do by carving into it and revealing the colors inside, and then adding some beading. The episode will end with a show and tell of various other pieces these fearless ladies have made


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