The Ultimate Garage With Storage for Everything

The garage at DIY Network Ultimate Retreat 2017 offers a well-organized storage system for tools, garden supplies and lake essentials, with space for hobbies and projects.

By: Jeannie Matteucci

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Ultimate Organization

Sporting goods, garden and hobby supplies, tools and lake essentials like coolers and picnic baskets are just some of the items in this fully-insulated and well-organized garage with stylish two-tone walls.

Easy Access

A combination of mesh drawers, shelving and hooks keeps all the items in the garage clearly visible, organized and easily accessible.

Painting Project Essentials

Plastic gloves, paint brushes, paint cans and spray paint are stored together, ready for the next home improvement project.

Clever Drawers

Mesh drawers on a track system make it easy to identify and access items like batteries, flashlights, pet supplies or paper towels quickly. The ventilated drawers also prevent dirt and dust from collecting.

Keep It Tidy

The garage's organized storage system allows seasonal items to be placed out of the way on high shelves, so regularly used items can be stored and easily accessible at eye level or below. Large extended hooks on the wall allow skis, fishing poles, stacks of lumber and other longer items to be placed off the floor and out of the way.


Designating areas for storing like items together helps eliminate wasting time looking for missing items. Utilizing storage tools like drawers and hooks also keeps counters clean for hobbies and home and garden projects.

Hang It Up

Screw drivers and wrenches in different sizes hang on the garage wall, making it easy to find the right tool quickly. This smart storage solution also eliminates "lost" tools that often stay hidden when placed in the back of drawers.

Storing Small Items

Hooks on the wall as well as baskets and bins on shelves makes it easy to organize and keep track of smaller items that otherwise scatter and take up space on the counters.

Garden Essentials

Gloves, clay and galvanized plant pots, seeds and tools grouped together keep gardening essentials in a designated space, so the items can be returned to the same location and ready for the next trip outside.

Handy Utility Sink

The garage’s generously sized, single-basin white utility sink can be used for a number of tasks, from cutting fresh flowers to washing a small dog. The garage also includes a blue stool that matches the stools used at the island in the kitchen.

Bridge Faucet

Constructed of vitreous china, the durable bracket-mounted utility sink includes a brushed stainless steel wall-mount bridge faucet with a high-arc gooseneck swing spout and lever handles for separate control of hot and cold water.

Comfort is Key

Part of the home’s ductless system, the high-efficiency floor-mounted heating and cooling unit keeps the fully-insulated garage at a comfortable temperature year round.

One-Car Convenience

This view looking into the garage with the front door open highlights the organized layout of the space, so home and garden supplies and a car can all be stored in the same location.

Eye-Catching Color

The garage features a white ceiling and duo-tone walls, white on top with dark navy blue bottom, that pulls the eye all the way around the room. "If you want something that's going to last a long time without getting scuff marks showing up, painting the lower part of your wall a dark color like that is going to give you a lot of longevity," says interior designer Elizabeth Demos.

Fresh Air

The garage includes two casement windows for ventilation, and an interior door, which leads to the staircase up to the main level of the home.

Make a Connection

This view looking down the staircase off the living room shows the lower level with the den on one side and the garage on the other.

Bold Door Design

The satin black front door of the garage with transom windows on top provides architectural interest, contrast for the lighter siding and a cohesive look with the dark window sashes used throughout the home.

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