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Yard War: Baseball

DIY Network and MLB Network team up to make the best ballpark-inspired yard on the block.
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September 24, 7:00 am
Dog Park vs. Saltillo Rio
September 19, 7:30 am
All Decked Out vs. Lavish Lounge
September 17, 7:00 am
Tuscan vs. Outdoor Retreat
September 12, 7:30 am
Composite Asian Terrace vs. Flaming Fire Wells
September 10, 7:00 am
Island Paradise vs. Urban Chic
September 05, 7:30 am
Rustic Bocce Oasis vs. Tree Trunk Pavilion
September 03, 7:00 am
Fire Water vs. Floating Bed
August 29, 7:30 am
European Gazebo vs. Patio Bistro
August 27, 7:00 am
Western Corral vs. Spa-Licious
August 22, 7:30 am
Splashy Spa vs. Cabo Palapa

About This Show

Neighbors battle to win $10,000 and the title of the best yard on the block by Ahmed Hassan. Two teams, each led by Turf War landscape experts, use the same batch of materials and the same time frame to transform their yards into spectacular outdoor spaces. Jay and Ahmed are there offering advice, constructively criticizing, and at times jumping in to help. In the end, our expert host (with input from other neighbors) decides who got the better result, but viewers get to see two amazing transformations.

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