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French Cobble Walls vs. Rustic Rocking Walls

Episode DTWR-301H

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  • July 02, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

In Turf War Holiday 2011, expert host and licensed landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan unleashes the ultimate Christmas-inspired makeover competition, with the battleground including both the back and front yards. Out back, two uninspired, barren backyards are transformed into two fantastic, contemporary outdoor living spaces. Tom and Christie Lynn's very small concrete pad is extended with a freshly poured brick stamped patio to accommodate a new stone outdoor kitchen. Plus, cobble seat walls are constructed out of prefabricated mesh frames. Neighbor John Kluenker overlays existing concrete with a natural sandstone flagstone and creates shade sections using recycled copper panels. Then, a concrete mortar mix is blown into a hose to make a rustic stone seat wall. In the front yards, it's a real-life Santa's workshop! The Lynns design a holiday-themed snow park with wrapped gifts, mechanical helpers and a holiday tree formed with rebar and fabric. Over at the Kluenker house, they construct a rustic plane out of metal and fire-resistant fabric, along with an enchanted forest made from old tree branches and paint.


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