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Composite Asian Terrace vs. Flaming Fire Wells

Episode DTWR-208H

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  • April 24, 2015

    7:00 AM e/p

As they kick off this competition, Team One's ready to transform their weed-filled backyard into an Asian-inspired composite terrace. First, the team molds together recycled glass to create a beautiful countertop for an outdoor kitchen. Next, the team hoists a large basalt boulder into the yard to give the space height and beauty. The crew also constructs a raised planter box out of wood and concrete, and an overhang structure comes together using tongue-and-groove panels. Then over in Team Two's yard, a dilapidated deck is repurposed into a decorative arbor, and colorful concrete is added to the design. The team also forms a precast fire pit with a sheet of water running behind it. Then, three sheets of plexiglass make for a tranquil water feature and three metal troughs are welded into separate fire features.


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