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Top 20 Wreaths Projects

  1. 16. Wreaths Unwrapped - :20 (00:00:20)

  2. 17. How to Make a Wreath From Chicken Wire and Feathers

    Learn how to make a fall-inspired wreath from chicken wire and feathers with these instructions at DIY Network.

  3. 18. Hanukkah Table Tips (00:03:39)

    Create a contemporary Hanukkah table setting & a wreath for French doors.

  4. 19. Funky Holiday Wreath (00:02:00)

    This funky wreath is made of PVC pipe for a one-of-a-kind holiday look.

  5. 20. Holiday Wreath (04:57)

    The basics of elegant wreath making, from Holiday Decorating and Crafts.

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