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Top 100 Woodworking Projects

  1. 76. Wood-Filler Basics

    DIY expert Brad Staggs provides information about fillers: wood fillers, solvent-based wood patches, wood-stain fillers and plastic-bas...

  2. 77. Cool Laser Level (02:33)

    Keep things straight with a cool laser level.

  3. 78. Woodworking FAQ: Clear Finishes

    DIY Network answers frequently asked questions about clear wood finishes and stains.

  4. 79. How to Apply a Lacquer Finish to Wood

    Lacquer is often used to finish fine woodworking projects because it has clarity, depth and a quick dry time.

  5. 80. Jointer Comparison

    DIY Network experts take a look at the variety of jointers available and how they work.

  6. 81. Home IQ Drywall (03:05)

    Home IQ explores the latest trends and improvements in drywall.

  7. 82. Wood Carving Techniques (07:35)

    Learn how to give your wood carving fine details and facial expressions.

  8. 83. Essential Trim Router Basics (06:08)

    Find out why a trim router is an essential tool for your workshop.

  9. 84. Versatile Bookshelf - Part 3 (04:13)

    Sanding techniques & using a professional spray gun to apply lacquer.

  10. 85. How to Make a Miter-Saw Measuring Block

    Making repetitive miter cuts isn't always easy. Use these step-by-step instructions and learn how this special jig can help make accura...

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  11. 86. Cordless Track Saw (01:10)

    Don't take the material to the saw: you can take this saw to the material.

  12. 87. Incredible Power Nailers (04:54)

    Drive nails and brads with incredible speed with a power nailer.

  13. 88. Dog Ear Privacy Fence (04:59)

    Save money by installing a wood fence with tips from Ed Del Grande.

  14. 89. Easy Way to Sharpen Chisels (05:38)

    Everything you need to know sharpening chisels the easy way.

  15. 90. Lumber Wizard (00:01:31)

    Find out where the metal is in recovered lumber to avoid damaging tools.


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