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Top 100 Woodworking Projects

  1. 16. David Thiel's Shop Tips

    DIY Network host David Thiel shares tips to make shop life easier.

  2. 17. Chemical Furniture Strippers (06:13)

    Learn techniques for stripping finishes with methylene chloride.

  3. 18. Precise Digital Miter Saw (01:56)

    For precision cuts, this revolutionary miter saw has everything you need.

  4. 19. Band Saw Basics (04:40)

    Take a tour of band saws and learn more about this versatile power tool.

  5. 20. Arbortech Power Chisel (01:01)

    A high-powered reciprocating chisel for rough work and detailed carvings.

  6. 21. Dead-Blow Hammers and Mallets (04:35)

    Check out why dead-blow hammers and mallets are great woodworking tools.

  7. 22. How to Use a Woodburning Tool

    Woodburning pens can be used to add creative designs on wood or leather.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  8. 23. Triton Router (01:19)

    Adjust the plunge with this ergonomically designed power tool.

  9. 24. Agazzani 18" Bandsaw (00:54)

    Agazzani's high-end bandsaw helps you get a better grip on your piece.

  10. 25. Must-Have Push Sticks (04:52)

    Buy or design your own push sticks and push blocks.

  11. 26. How To Maintain a Router

    Routine maintenance is key in keeping a router in peak condition. Follow these steps to keep a router working properly.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  12. 27. Hardworking Reciprocating Saw (04:54)

    Work safely and efficiently with this powerful multi-purpose tool.

  13. 28. Garage Mahal 109: Woodworking (20:00)

    A junk-packed garage becomes the perfect furniture workshop for Keith.

  14. 29. Easy Table Saw Maintenance (04:44)

    Keep your table saw in tiptop shape with these maintenance tips.

  15. 30. Barr Tools (03:05)

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at how these hand-forged tools are created.


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