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Top 100 Wood Projects

  1. 76. Making Faux Wood Grain (02:48)

    Now you can get the look of real wood without spending a fortune.

  2. 77. Shop Storage Solutions (03:32)

    Organize your nuts and bolts with this handy jar system.

  3. 78. 2- Kerf Cuts (05:43)

    Using the table saw to make kerf cuts for creative projects.

  4. 79. Kayak Building Project (03:14)

    Follow step-by-step as a father and son build matching kayaks.

  5. 80. Behind the Barn Doors (00:20:01)

    Bill and Leslie's family room has become overrun by their children's toys.

  6. 81. Laying the First Floor Board (01:33)

    Find out why laying the first floor board is so important for this project.

  7. 82. Building a Recycled-Wood Wall (00:01:00)

    This DIY quick tip shows how to build a focal wall out of reclaimed wood.

  8. 83. Types of Hardwood Flooring

    DIY experts explain the different types of hardwood flooring.

  9. 84. Craftsman Porch Restoration (04:56)

    Watch as the Restoration Realities team rescues a sagging front porch.

  10. 85. Fireplace Plug (01:13)

    This reusable flue seal is designed to keep the cold out and the heat in.

  11. 86. Evolution Rage Circular Saw (00:01:36)

    Meet the first multipurpose circ saw - it cuts wood, aluminum and steel.

  12. 87. Wood River Curve Template (00:46)

    Transfer complex or compound curves from patterns or a work piece.

  13. 88. Saburr Tooth Bits (01:06)

    These razor sharp carbide bits make sculpting all materials a snap!

  14. 89. Easy Faux Parquet Floor (04:23)

    Warm up your kitchen with a new faux wood floor.

  15. 90. Over-Wintering Tips (04:32)

    Successfully over-winter vegetables by layering rich mulch in your garden.