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Top 100 Wood Projects

  1. 31. Building Kitchen Cabinet Doors (00:01:00)

    Change up the look of your kitchen by building new doors for the cabinets.

  2. 32. DIY Seesaw (03:37)

    Build a simple child's seesaw with DIY expert Brad Staggs.

  3. 33. Kitchen With Chimney Design (00:04:43)

    A puzzling chimney in the center of the kitchen gets a needed facelift.

  4. 34. How to Paint Wood Floors

    Add a stylish touch to a room by painting a diamond pattern onto a wood floor.

    Two Days
    $100 - $250
  5. 35. Wood Carving Techniques (07:35)

    Learn how to give your wood carving fine details and facial expressions.

  6. 36. Replacing Rotten Wood (00:54)

    Learn about replacing rotten wood before remodeling a basement.

  7. 37. The Upstairs (04:07)

    The crew tackles the multicolor upstairs and the Florida humidity.

  8. 38. Reclaimed Wood Shutters (00:00:30)

    Matt Muenster shows how wood shutters can add style to a bathroom.

  9. 39. Bosch Angle Grinder (00:57)

    This hand-held power tool is designed for precision woodworking.

  10. 40. Pallet Chair (01:00)

    Watch and learn how to make this Adirondack chair out of a shipping pallet.

  11. 41. Selecting Wood Flooring

    Learn how to add value to your home with wood flooring.

  12. 42. Ridgway Rendezvous (00:19:59)

    Two artists demonstrate their chainsaw carving expertise.

  13. 43. 1- Chisel Storage Box (06:44)

    David Theil demonstrates building a custom chisel storage box.

  14. 44. Build a Wood-Plank Backsplash (00:01:00)

    This quick tip shows how to build a crackled-look wood-plank backsplash.

  15. 45. How to Apply Stain, Varnish, Wax, Dye or Oil to Wood

    Follow these simple steps to apply stain, varnish, wax, dye or oil to enhance the look of wood.