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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 91. Dual-Purpose Planter Wall (00:04:33)

    Sara builds a planter wall both for privacy and as a patio garden space.

  2. 92. Decorate With Products Seen On I Want That

    See innovative new products featured DIY Network's new show I Want That. You'll find new ways to decorate your walls, doors and other ...

  3. 93. Frame Dividing Wall (02:47)

    Framing a dividing wall is a simple project that you can do yourself.

  4. 94. Painting Interiors (20:01)

    Amy Matthews shows how to alter the overall look of a room with painting.

  5. 95. How to Repair a Hole in Drywall

    Learn how to patch a hole in drywall.

  6. 96. Hiding Those Ugly Cables (04:36)

    With the wall prepped, our team makes the unsightly cables disappear.

  7. 97. Backfilling (02:12)

    Proper backfilling is one of the keys to building a strong retaining wall.

  8. 98. Kitchen Impossible 204 (20:00)

    Marc rescues and transforms Tim and Laura's falling-down kitchen.

  9. 99. Grotto Cave (00:20:00)

    JP dreams of a retreat that's reminiscent of his father's Colombian cafe.

  10. 100. Lake-Inspired Slate Tile-Pt. 1 (07:04)

    Slate tile is arranged on the walls surrounding the tub and shower.

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