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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 76. Ceramic Tile (20:00)

    Tiling is a great way to beautify and waterproof floors and walls.

  2. 77. Walls: Covers

    DIY Network Host Jeff Wilson talks about drywall.

  3. 78. Masonry (20:00)

    Three masons compete to see who can build the coolest brick wall.

  4. 79. Warming High-Tech Bath (00:04:03)

    High-tech gadgets and wall-hung towel warmers transform the Mennens' bath.

  5. 80. Demolition (04:05)

    Tools, gear and safety precautions for doing demolition.

  6. 81. Boring, Boxy Kitchen Be Gone (00:03:50)

    Demolishing a wall to unite the kitchen and dining area makes a big impact.

  7. 82. Stone Veneer Wakes Up Walls (03:27)

    Give your walls the look of the French farmhouse using simple stone veneer.

  8. 83. Attic 'Master Suite' Makeover (00:03:30)

    Nicole creates a new master suite in the attic of the 25th Street bungalow.

  9. 84. Fired Up (20:00)

    An exhausted couple call in Matt to help finish their master bathroom.

  10. 85. From Shaggy to Chic (20:00)

    Shag carpet is replaced by elegant tile to go from shaggy to chic.

  11. 86. Benchmark Guide for Cabinets (02:12)

    Find out why a benchmark is essential for keeping cabinets plumb and level.

  12. 87. Colorwashing Walls

    Transform a plain room into a colorful and decorative space, by using paint and glaze to colorwash walls.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
  13. 88. Excavate for a Retaining Wall (01:03)

    Learn how to complete the excavating needed for building a retaining wall.

  14. 89. Stylish Water Walls (03:52)

    The Bacons' and Bradens' backyards get stunning water-wall focal points.

  15. 90. Changing Floor Plan Options (00:01:00)

    With planning, an older home's floor plan can be changed to fit your needs.