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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 61. Wine-Tasting Room (03:44)

    Wine connoisseur Craig needs a space for wine storage and tasting.

  2. 62. How to Build a Kitchen Column

    Learn how to build a column on a knee wall to separate the kitchen from the rest of the home.

  3. 63. Beadboard Options (03:39)

    Beadboard has many uses, not just as a wall covering. Here are some suggestions.

  4. 64. Dropped Ceilings and Graffiti (00:02:53)

    Nicole removes a dropped living room ceiling and deals with wall graffiti.

  5. 65. House Wrap (02:18)

    House wrap helps form a barrier against moisture and the mold it attracts.

  6. 66. How To Give Walls a Faux Suede Look

    Learn how to give walls the look of suede with this faux painting technique.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
  7. 67. Tiered Garden Walls (20:00)

    Dean and Derek build three tiered walls in the tradition of old farm walls.

  8. 68. Let Your Personality Shine Through In Decorating

    DIY crafter Michele Beschen encourages experimentation with various surfaces when decorating a home.

  9. 69. Paint a Patch, Not a Swatch (00:00:30)

    Paint a 2'x2' patch on the wall and live with it before painting the room.

  10. 70. Hiding Those Ugly Cables (04:36)

    With the wall prepped, our team makes the unsightly cables disappear.

  11. 71. What You Should Know About the Installation of Insulation

    DIY Network host Jeff Wilson explains what you need to know about insulation.

  12. 72. Art Studio: Display Wall (01:00)

    This display wall is a great addition to any home office or art studio.

  13. 73. Step 6: Clean and Repair Wall (01:11)

    Here are tips for cleaning and repairing a wall after wallpaper removal.

  14. 74. Outdoor Pizza Parlor, Part 1 (05:37)

    Dean and Derek turn a back deck and yard into an outdoor pizza parlor.

  15. 75. Outdoor Den, Part 1 (05:46)

    Dean and Derek use a majestic tree as the focal point for an outdoor den.