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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 61. Stenciling Your Walls (00:01:00)

    Stenciling makes a statement but is easily repainted when you're over it.

  2. 62. Pebble Tiles (00:60)

    Step up the style in your bathroom with "rocktacular" pebble tiles.

  3. 63. EazyWallz Wall Murals (00:01:52)

    EazyWallz wall murals provide an artistic solution to boring bare walls.

  4. 64. Saving Green (03:29)

    John shows Bill and Linda how to demo their green bathroom and save $1,100.

  5. 65. Rustic Bath Wall (05:00)

    Use faux techniques in your bathroom to create a rustic style.

  6. 66. Martini Bar Basement (20:01)

    What Ashley and Brian Riordan really need is a great place to entertain.

  7. 67. Painting Techniques

    This DIY Basic will provide tips on painting techniques.

  8. 68. Creating a Wall Mural (01:00)

    Create a wall mural of memories in your child's room using vacation photos.

  9. 69. Color Your Home (04:40)

    Tour the colorful home of an artist who uses color in unexpected ways.

  10. 70. Thin Veneer Boat Walls (04:02)

    Dean and Derek use a thin stone veneer on the walls of a houseboat.

  11. 71. Updating Wall Plates (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for updating wall plates.

  12. 72. Hiding Those Ugly Cables (04:36)

    With the wall prepped, our team makes the unsightly cables disappear.

  13. 73. Build a Top-Floating Wall (01:05)

    One-minute version of how to build a floating wall that's upside down.

  14. 74. Boxing Paint for Uniform Color (01:00)

    Try this technique for mixing paint to ensure a consistent color.

  15. 75. Floating Deck - Part 4 (02:09)

    An ugly stucco wall, dead grass and plants and that's just about it.