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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 61. Cigar Lounge (20:00)

    This sanctuary means Rob never has to choose between family and cigars.

  2. 62. Walls: Covers

    DIY Network Host Jeff Wilson talks about drywall.

  3. 63. How To Disguise Imperfect Walls

    This project helps you transform damaged bedroom walls into textured "stone" with wall compound and glaze, and then hide less-than-insp...

    Moderate to Hard
  4. 64. How to Create Wall Texture

    Adding texture to walls can give a room richness and depth. Learn from the experts on how to add texture to your walls.

    $50 - $100
  5. 65. Sportsman's Garage (04:13)

    Brian and the team create storage for two cars and a motorcycle.

  6. 66. Embossed Paper Wall Vase (03:24)

    Create a marvelous faux finish with this quick embossing technique.

  7. 67. Sydney Baumgartner's Coop (00:01:59)

    Highlights of Sydney Baumgartner's chicken coop in Santa Barbara, CA.

  8. 68. Adding Texture to Walls

    DIY Network explains how to easily texturize an inside wall using drywall mud.

  9. 69. Mega-Packed Mega Den (00:20:00)

    The crew blasts through walls to create a super-sized family space.

  10. 70. Contemporary Private Courtyard (00:03:48)

    A space with three existing walls becomes a contemporary private courtyard.

  11. 71. Construction Nightmare (03:41)

    John helps Dave and Jess fix some critical mistakes their contractor made.

  12. 72. Green Dreams- Part 1 (07:10)

    Newlyweds Alan and Kathy want to give their new home a green twist.

  13. 73. Sunroom Sanctuary (20:02)

    A young family turns an unused sunroom into a finished living space.

  14. 74. Interior Brick Wall- Part 1 (04:38)

    Dean and Derek use a brand-new support system to create a brick wall.

  15. 75. Repurposed Scrap-Wood Wall (00:02:27)

    Nicole's repurposing of old scrap wood adds rustic appeal to the basement.