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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 31. How to Demolish a Knee Wall and Patch the Area

    DIY's Weekend Handyman host Paul Ryan demonstrates how to take out a knee wall and patch the area in order to install a new contemporar...

    $250 - $500
    Moderate to Hard
  2. 32. Wallflowers (00:00:23)

    Next time your little one makes a wall his canvas, try this clean-up trick.

  3. 33. Sydney Baumgartner's Coop (00:02:19)

    Highlights of Sydney Baumgartner's chicken coop in Santa Barbara, CA.

  4. 34. Locating Kitchen Wall Studs (00:01:00)

    Use our handy tips to find wall studs before hanging heavy kitchen shelves.

  5. 35. Growing Space- Part 1 (07:26)

    A living room area with plenty of storage for a growing family is created.

  6. 36. Colorful Bathroom Wall Accents (00:01:00)

    Here are two accent ideas that will give any bathroom a fun pop of color.

  7. 37. Installing Drywall on Ceilings, Arches and Around Curves

    DIY Network has instructions on how to install drywall in the trickiest places.

  8. 38. Battle of the Walls (20:00)

    Jason transforms this desperate landscape into a jewel of the neighborhood.

  9. 39. How to Build a Glass Block Partition or Wall

    DIY Network has instructions for building a glass-block wall or partition.

  10. 40. Up-Cycled Gallery Wall (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for Up-Cycled Photo Gallery.

  11. 41. Make Two Rooms Into One

    Learn how to combine two less-than-useful rooms into one large room that provides utility and value to your home. This project explains...

  12. 42. Basement Bath- Part 1 (20:01)

    A bathroom is created from a roughed-in space.

  13. 43. Closing Up the Walls: Hanging Drywall

    As we follow the Obergs' home construction process, the homeowners take a walk through the house to make sure various facets are in the...

  14. 44. Everything You Need to Know About Walls

    DIY Network looks explains the different elements of your walls

  15. 45. Masonry (20:00)

    Three masons compete to see who can build the coolest brick wall.