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Painting an Accent Wall

This DIY Basic will provide tips on painting an accent wall.

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Top 100 Walls Projects

  1. 1. Metallic Tile Fireplace (20:01)

    An outdated space is transformed into a sleek, modern family room.

  2. 2. How to Paint Stripes, Chevrons, Blocks and More

    DIY Network explains the formulas and pro tips for creating patterns and stripes on your walls.

  3. 3. How to Prepare Walls for Painting

    The key to a successful paint job is in the prep. DIY Network explains how to remove wallpaper, strip wood and patch walls to get them ...

  4. 4. Wall Clock (20:00)

    This unique wall clock is made from MDF and laminate.

  5. 5. Brick Veneer Makes Walls Work (03:06)

    Use thin brick veneer to remake a wood-paneled wall into something special.

  6. 6. How to Close Off a Doorway and Turn It Into a Solid Wall

    DIY Network explains how to remove a doorway in a stud or masonry wall.

  7. 7. How to Apply a Cloud Faux-Finish Technique

    Transform any room into a heavenly haven, using a simple faux-finish technique to create a cloud-painated sky.

    Two Days
    $50 - $100
  8. 8. Metal Finishes for Walls

    Silver and copper metallic-glazed diamonds with gold chair rail make a dramatic wainscoting.

  9. 9. Removing Wall Doubles Kitchen (00:03:31)

    Alison gives a Chicago couple the kitchen space needed by removing a wall.

  10. 10. Magnamagic: Magnetic Paint (00:56)

    Chalkboard and magnetic additives create a chalkboard on any wall.

  11. 11. Green Dreams- Part 3 (05:16)

    Newlyweds Alan and Kathy want to give their new home a green twist.

  12. 12. Martini Bar Basement (20:01)

    What Ashley and Brian Riordan really need is a great place to entertain.

  13. 13. Decorative Molding DIY Tips (00:01:00)

    Use decorative molding to add interest and dimension to a blank wall.

  14. 14. How to Replace Drywall in a Remodeled Closet

    When working with plumbing in an adjacent room to a bathroom, sometimes you are required to remove drywall to access pipes. That hole h...

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  15. 15. Two Ways to Repair and Replace Damaged Baseboard

    Learn two ways to fix damaged baseboard molding: how to patch a damaged section and how to repair an outside, mitered corner.

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