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Top 100 Wallpaper Projects

  1. 46. How to Hang a Wallpaper Border

    The DIY to the Rescue crew shows how to easily hang a wallpaper border.

  2. 47. Znak Wallpaper (00:20:01)

    Discover a new type of wall paper that tears off to make custom designs.

  3. 48. Picture-Frame Molding (03:04)

    Instructions for dressing up a wall by adding picture-frame molding

  4. 49. Color Happy (20:00)

    Matt helps Ray and Helen slay the Mold Monster and revive the master bath.

  5. 50. Growing Space- Part 1 (07:26)

    A living room area with plenty of storage for a growing family is created.

  6. 51. Super-Sized Spa- Part 1 (20:00)

    Turning a teeny,tiny space into a palatial spa.

  7. 52. How to Repair Torn Wallpaper

    You can use a procedure known as the "torn-patch method" to repair tears in your wallpaper.

    $1 - $50
  8. 53. Custom Wallpaper Art (00:01:31)

    Create your own personal designs with tear-off wallpaper from Znak.

  9. 54. Custom Details on a Budget (00:01:00)

    Here are several ways to have custom details without the custom price tag.

  10. 55. Design Solution: Wallpaper (00:01:00)

    Kitchen Impossible's Marc Bartolomeo shows how easy wallpapering can be.

  11. 56. Eliminating Wallpaper Bubbles (01:08)

    Learn a few easy tips for solving this pesky installation problem.

  12. 57. Kitchen Facelift (04:49)

    We show you how to make a big transformation to a kitchen for under $500.

  13. 58. Design Outlet Covers (02:31)

    Snazz up your outlets and light switches with your own decorative covers.

  14. 59. Hang Pictures on Papered Walls (00:00:22)

    Don't be afraid to hang a print on pristine wallpaper. Here's how.

  15. 60. Wallpaper and Fabric Softener (00:00:22)

    To strip wallpaper from the walls, look no further than your laundry room.