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Top 100 Vegetables Projects

  1. 76. Growing Zucchini From Plug Plants

    If space and time for growing vegetables from seed are tight, buy plug plants at garden centers or by mail order. They are more expensi...

  2. 77. Broccoli and Cabbage (00:20:01)

    Learn how to plant, care for and harvest broccoli and cabbage.

  3. 78. Tricks for Harvesting Tomatoes Early

    DIY Network experts give tricks for protecting young tomato plants so that an early harvest is possible.

  4. 79. 18 Delicious Vegetables

    The gardening experts at DIY Network provide information about fruiting vegetables, asparagus, celery and artichokes.

  5. 80. Cloches and Cold Frames

    The gardening experts at share tips on using cloches and cold frames to protect crops.

  6. 81. Growing and Harvesting Kohlrabi, Yardlong Beans and White Eggplant

    DIY experts offer some growing tips and harvesting hints to help maximize the yield of kohlrabi, yardlong-bean and white-eggplant crops...

  7. 82. Garden Beginnings (00:20:02)

    Learn how to plan and plant a garden for mouth-watering fresh vegetables.

  8. 83. Planting a Raised Garden (00:01:00)

    Learn how to build and cultivate a raised bed vegetable garden.

  9. 84. Hydroponic Gardening (19:59)

    You'll see how to build and operate several types of hydroponic gardens.

  10. 85. Tips for Protecting Corn From Disease, Pests and Animals

    Use these DIY Network tips to keep weeds and insects away from corn crop before harvesting.

  11. 86. Incorporating Vegetables Into Flower Beds

    The DIY Network experts show you how to incorporate vegetable plants into existing flower beds, even if you're limited on space.

  12. 87. Over-Wintering Tips (04:32)

    Successfully over-winter vegetables by layering rich mulch in your garden.

  13. 88. Grow Healthy Cucumbers

    Learn how to successfully plant and grow bush cucumbers from DIY Network experts, then discover the best ways to protect the cucumber p...

  14. 89. Growing Legumes

    Pea and bean crops require less fertilizer than other vegetables because their roots are home to bacteria that take nitrogen from the a...

  15. 90. How to Make a Container Theme Garden

    Container gardens are an easy way to garden on a small scale.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate