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Top 100 Vegetables Projects

  1. 61. Knowing and Improving Your Soil

    The gardening experts at share tips on determining your soil's pH and texture.

  2. 62. How to Build a Raised Vegetable Bed

    Are you having trouble growing your favorite vegetables due to poorly draining soil? Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to bui...

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  3. 63. Plant Diseases and Disorders

    The gardening experts at explain common plant diseases and offer tips for keeping your plants healthy.

  4. 64. Growing Squash (03:23)

    Squash is an easy vegetable to grow, especially for beginner gardeners.

  5. 65. How to Start Growing Squash From Seeds

    Defining Squashes technically include zucchini and pumpkins as well as winter and summer squash. Though they're all cultivated the same...

    Several Weekends
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  6. 66. Warm Weather or Cool, Peas Make a Tasty Crop

    Here’s a DIY Network guide to the surprising array of peas as well as the growing conditions that each variety needs to thrive.

  7. 67. Shrubs, Flowers and Fruit

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

  8. 68. Harvesting and Storing Vegetables

    The gardening experts at DIY Network share the best ways to harvest and store your fresh produce.

  9. 69. How to Fight Sweet Potato ‘Wilt’ and Other Diseases

    Though sweet potatoes are vulnerable to several diseases and a number of pest predators, keeping them safe and healthy isn't hard. Just...

  10. 70. How to Grow Cauliflower

    Cauliflower is a finicky cool-season vegetable. But with a little guidance, almost any backyard gardener can cultivate a bumper crop.

    Several Months
    $1 - $50
  11. 71. Growing Legumes

    Pea and bean crops require less fertilizer than other vegetables because their roots are home to bacteria that take nitrogen from the a...

  12. 72. Sealing Paint Cans (01:31)

    Follow these steps to keep a can of leftover paint fresh and read to use.

  13. 73. Garden Secrets (20:00)

    We visit an all-organic vegetable farm that shares its gardening secrets.

  14. 74. Vegetable Garden Plans

    The gardening experts at share tips on planning a vegetable garden before planting.

  15. 75. Tips on Growing Leeks, Scallions and Chives

    DIY Network experts offer tips to help you grow the best leeks, scallions and chives.