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How to Save Seed from Fruit

When saved correctly, seed can last for years, but they're best used within a year after harvesting while they're still fresh. Follow t...

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Top 100 Vegetables Projects

  1. 1. Growing Vegetables Under Cover

    The gardening experts at share tips on protecting vegetable plants from cold weather.

  2. 2. Choosing a Site for Your Vegetable Garden

    The gardening experts at share tips on choosing a site for your vegetable garden.

  3. 3. Knowing and Improving Your Soil

    The gardening experts at share tips on determining your soil's pH and texture.

  4. 4. Water-Wise Gardening

    The gardening experts at share tips on efficient garden watering.

  5. 5. How to Master Planting and Growing Peas

    DIY Network experts give tips for growing peas: follow directions, keep the birds away and feed the soil.

  6. 6. Cloches and Cold Frames

    The gardening experts at share tips on using cloches and cold frames to protect crops.

  7. 7. Natural Cleaners (05:08)

    Linda Cobb shows how to use items from the pantry as cleaners.

  8. 8. How to Build a Trellis for Growing Peas

    Plants that are trellised have a higher yield than those not trellised.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  9. 9. Controlling Pests and Diseases on Pea Plants

    DIY Network experts tell you how to protect and maintain pea plants from pests and diseases by taking a few simple, effective steps.

  10. 10. Selecting the Best Location for a Garden

    DIY experts discuss how to choose the most suitable site for a vegetable garden, a location that will allow the vegetables to thrive.

  11. 11. Brassicas: Cabbages, Calabrese, Broccoli and Cauliflower

    With dozens of brassica vegetable varieties to choose from, the right selection can mean the difference between success and disappointm...

  12. 12. The Essential Gardening Tool Kit

    The gardening experts at show the tools every gardener should own.

  13. 13. Vegetable Gardening

    This DIY Basic will provide tips on vegetable gardening in raised beds.

  14. 14. Planting a Raised Garden (00:01:00)

    Learn how to build and cultivate a raised bed vegetable garden.

  15. 15. Harvesting Tips for Squash and Pumpkins

    Protect your squash crop from pests and disease: Let the DIY Network experts show you what to look for and how to treat your plants to ...

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