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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 91. Building Elegant Box Beams (02:39)

    Dress up a plain ceiling by adding decorative box beams.

  2. 92. Tools That Are Best Rented, Not Purchased

    DIY Network explains which tools and equipment you are better off renting instead of buying.

  3. 93. Carpet Installation Tools

    DIY Network experts offer a lesson on carpet tools.

  4. 94. Wearable Gardening Stool (00:01:33)

    The Wearable Gardening Stool will be your back and knees' new best friend.

  5. 95. Belt Attachment

    Every DIYer, beginner to expert, should have one of these convenient adjustable belt attachments to keep their tools at hand.

  6. 96. How to Cut Small Parts on a Table Saw

    Cutting small parts on a table saw can be a dangerous task. Create a jig that eliminates 99 percent of the danger by enabling users to ...

    $1 - $50
  7. 97. Solve Christmas Light Problems (00:01:05)

    LightKeeper Pro solves frequent problems associated with miniature lights.

  8. 98. Green Rhino (01:10)

    Green Rhino lubricants are safe for the environment and free of VOCs.

  9. 99. Bench-Grinding Techniques

    A bench grinder is typically used to sharpen cutting tools and shape bevels, but it has other uses as well. Learn about operation, atta...

  10. 100. PowerLoc Jointing Sand (01:02)

    A look at Quikrete's PowerLoc jointing sand.

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