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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 91. Tankless Air Compressor

    DIY experts suggest an air compressor that works just like a regular air compressor — but without the air tank.

  2. 92. Antique Spice Drawer (04:46)

    Designer creates a decorative drawer keeping all your spices together.

  3. 93. Specialty Sanders

    Specialty sanders are designed to go beyond stripping and smoothing a surface. The experts at the DIY Network give you a rundown of the...

  4. 94. Cordless Air Pump

    Whether you're fixing a flat tire, or filling an air mattress or toy, DIY experts show why this cordless air pump is a great tool to ha...

  5. 95. Organize That Junk Drawer! (02:51)

    Keeping clutter under control is not so hard -- even in your junk drawer.

  6. 96. Evolution Compound Miter Saw (00:44)

    A multipurpose miter saw that cuts steel, aluminum and wood with one blade.

  7. 97. GroundHog Cultivator (01:10)

    With it two-sided head, this lightweight cultivator is two tools in one.

  8. 98. Beautiful Wood Vinyl Flooring (04:38)

    See why new cherry wood vinyl floor would be a great update for any home.

  9. 99. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools- Part 3 (07:24)

    Chris Grundy and a few cool tools get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  10. 100. Using a Grapple Attachment (01:20)

    Jason has some safety dos and don'ts for using a grapple attachment.

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