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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 91. School Pop-up Page (04:21)

    Organize your back-to-school scrapbook with these handy pockets.

  2. 92. Best Circular Saws and Blades (05:01)

    Take an informative look at both battery-operated and corded circular saws.

  3. 93. Armstrong Performance Plus (00:01:10)

    Armstrong Performance Plus flooring holds up to just about anything.

  4. 94. Best Router Maintenance Tips (06:11)

    Keeping your router in peak condition is easy with this maintenance guide.

  5. 95. Mechanic's Tools to Have in the Workshop

    DIY Network experts explain how some automotive tools can be handy to have around the workshop.

  6. 96. Avalanche Snow Rake (01:09)

    This push-rake system allows for easy removal of snow from a roof.

  7. 97. Green Your Lawn (00:01:02)

    Here's the DIY Download for maintaining a green lawn.

  8. 98. Rapid Shark Knife (00:50)

    A utility knife that's a cutter, a crimper and a wire stripper, all in one

  9. 99. Floral Scrapbooking Pages (03:08)

    Get romantic with Scrapbooking pages using dried flowers.

  10. 100. Multi-Grip Vise

    DIY Network shares information on an innovative vise that also serves as a fast-acting clamp.

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