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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 76. Outdoor Chores (20:00)

    Snow, leaves, gutters or gardens, DIY has a tool to handle the job.

  2. 77. Muck Truck (01:51)

    This mini dump truck can carry 500 pounds or push two and a half tons.

  3. 78. Multi-Grip Vise

    DIY Network shares information on an innovative vise that also serves as a fast-acting clamp.

  4. 79. Drain Covers (00:43)

    A look at Iron Age Designs' decorative grate covers.

  5. 80. Texture-Pro 200 Hopper Gun (00:50)

    This texture hopper makes it easy for do-it-yourselfers to texture walls.

  6. 81. How to Make a Band Saw Auxiliary Table

    Improve the usefulness of a band saw by making a larger table for it.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  7. 82. Lumberjack Tenon Cutter (02:02)

    The tenon cutter's self-centering design produces perfectly shaped tenons.

  8. 83. Essential Tools: Tape Measure (00:01:49)

    The proper use of a tape measure; why it's important to have in a workshop.

  9. 84. Demolition Hammer Up Close (00:02:58)

    See a demolition hammer in action in this extreme close-up view.

  10. 85. Building a Sawhorse (00:20:00)

    Sturdy and dependable sawhorses are easy to build from lumber.

  11. 86. What's New in TVs (00:01:48)

    At the Consumer Electronics Show, Chris Grundy finds out what's new in TVs.

  12. 87. Greenlee Hole Saw (02:58)

    The making of Greenlee's Hole Saw blades and the innovative stop saw.

  13. 88. A Sharp Edge (00:60)

    There are some tricks to edging a lawn that will make your life easier.

  14. 89. Adirondack Chair (00:20:01)

    Woodworker Bruce Johnson produced an Adirondack chair from cypress.

  15. 90. NASCAR (00:20:00)

    Buckle up, because Cool Tools host, Chris Grundy is all about NASCAR.