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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 76. Lumberjack Drawknife (00:56)

    A German-made 10-inch draw knife that can also be used for carving.

  2. 77. Garden Accessories (02:54)

    Here are great garden accessories no gardener should be without.

  3. 78. Neuton Electric Mower (00:01:12)

    The Neuton Electric Mower cuts 15,000 square feet in a single charge.

  4. 79. Belt Attachment

    Every DIYer, beginner to expert, should have one of these convenient adjustable belt attachments to keep their tools at hand.

  5. 80. Rod-Threading Alignment Techniques

    Holding the rod perpendicular to the tool is a difficult aspect of threading. These instructions show how to make and attach a block to...

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  6. 81. Tree Keeper Light Rack (00:36)

    Tree Keeper's Light Rack keeps your light strands stored and untangled.

  7. 82. Elaborate Punch Borders (04:55)

    Learn how to create intricate borders and variations.

  8. 83. Spyderco SharpMaker (01:07)

    This V-shaped Spyderco tool sharpens anything from knives to nail clippers.

  9. 84. Bench-Grinding Techniques

    A bench grinder is typically used to sharpen cutting tools and shape bevels, but it has other uses as well. Learn about operation, atta...

  10. 85. Tempest Torch (00:35)

    A look at Travis Industries' Tempest Torch.

  11. 86. Stihl Cordless Hedge Trimmer (00:01:37)

    No cord, gas or fumes: Stihl's Cordless Hedge Trimmer has power to spare.

  12. 87. Craft Knives

    Some craft knives are useful even for heavy-duty projects. Learn more about craft and utility knives here at the DIY Network.

  13. 88. Magnamagic: Magnetic Paint (00:56)

    Chalkboard and magnetic additives create a chalkboard on any wall.

  14. 89. Retro Flower Curtain Panels (02:47)

    Sew easy fabric screens to brighten up any room with color.

  15. 90. AXS Toolbox (01:50)

    A look at Craftsman's AXS toolbox.