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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 76. Pocket Pages (04:47)

    Pocket pages not only add character, they're a cute way to use mementos.

  2. 77. Cool Drill Bit Sharpener (04:01)

    This new cool tool may be the best investment ever for your workshop.

  3. 78. Skinny Scarf for Beginners (04:42)

    This is a fun project for beginners or more experienced knitters.

  4. 79. Paslode Nail Gun (01:12)

    You can toenail at any angle with the Paslode CF-325 nail gun.

  5. 80. FrameX Work Frames (01:13)

    With three different upright positions, the FrameX is more than a sawhorse.

  6. 81. Tips on Checking the Moisture Level of Wood

    Use this advice from DIY Network experts and learn how to check the moisture content of wood before choosing pieces for your next proje...

  7. 82. Craftsman CompuCarve (00:03:12)

    This cool tool can make you look like a master woodcarver.

  8. 83. Dog Ear Privacy Fence (04:59)

    Save money by installing a wood fence with tips from Ed Del Grande.

  9. 84. Smoking Lesson (05:29)

    Bruce Bjorkman, AKA Mr. Barbecue, shows how to use your grill for smoking.

  10. 85. Lathe: Sharpening Knives

    Host David Thiel and master wood turner Lowell Converse demonstrate the proper technique for sharpening knives used with the lathe.

  11. 86. Indispensable Moisture Meters (05:59)

    Discover how moisture meters work and why they are such a valuable tool.

  12. 87. Tips on Choosing the Right Router

    DIY Network experts make it easy to choose the right router for the job.

  13. 88. Tempest Torch (00:35)

    A look at Travis Industries' Tempest Torch.

  14. 89. Craftsman Thickness Planer (01:37)

    A durable, lightweight planer for beginner to professional projects.

  15. 90. Concrete Nail Gun

    DIY Network shares information about this tough concrete nail gun.