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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 61. Cutting-Edge Tools

    Industrial-strength tools are used by pros to etch and cut glass, tile and stone. DIY experts explain the powerful jobs these tools are...

  2. 62. Using a Harley Rake (00:45)

    Using a Harley Rake makes short work of prepping a landscape for new sod.

  3. 63. Cool Tool: Stacked Router Bit Cutter

    DIY Network experts show a cool tool that makes cutting grooves simple: a router bit version of an adjustable dado stack.

  4. 64. Simple Roof Water Test (01:38)

    Check for roof leaks with this super-simple water test.

  5. 65. Contemporary Vent Hood (04:04)

    Professional installation tips for adding a vent hood to your kitchen.

  6. 66. Whimsical Spring Page (03:30)

    Give a scrapbook page the look of spring with this curvy flowered border.

  7. 67. CH Hanson Slide Square (00:55)

    Now you can easily and accurately solve all your layout needs in one tool.

  8. 68. Lie Nielson Planer (03:34)

    Take a look at the reproduction of an old hand planer made high-tech.

  9. 69. Techniques for Making Butt Joints

    Butt joints unite the end grain of a piece of wood to the long grain of another piece to form a corner. The experts at DIY Network demo...

  10. 70. Asian Lanterns (04:39)

    Make your own Asian-inspired lanterns.

  11. 71. Build a Tiki Hut (03:52)

    An entertaining guide to creating your own tiki hut for your next party.

  12. 72. Decorative Stitches (05:11)

    Try a new decorative knitting stitch, such as the seafoam wave or bobble.

  13. 73. Tube Wringer (00:58)

    This tool wrings around 35 percent more material out of any tube it fits.

  14. 74. Paddle Punch Heart Designs (03:47)

    With a paddle punch tool, create a colorful background scrapbook page.

  15. 75. Cosmetic Bag Embellishment (04:18)

    Embellish This shows how to customize a cosmetic bag via monograms.