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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 61. Color Wood Stains (04:53)

    Before you stain your next project, get great finishing tricks and tips.

  2. 62. Drain Covers (00:43)

    A look at Iron Age Designs' decorative grate covers.

  3. 63. Renovation: A Family Affair (00:01:00)

    Here are tips to get the whole family involved in renovating an older home.

  4. 64. Lumberjack Tenon Cutter (02:02)

    The tenon cutter's self-centering design produces perfectly shaped tenons.

  5. 65. Essential Tools: Tape Measure (00:01:49)

    The proper use of a tape measure; why it's important to have in a workshop.

  6. 66. Demolition Hammer Up Close (00:02:58)

    See a demolition hammer in action in this extreme close-up view.

  7. 67. What's New in TVs (00:01:48)

    At the Consumer Electronics Show, Chris Grundy finds out what's new in TVs.

  8. 68. Greenlee Hole Saw (02:58)

    The making of Greenlee's Hole Saw blades and the innovative stop saw.

  9. 69. A Sharp Edge (00:60)

    There are some tricks to edging a lawn that will make your life easier.

  10. 70. Electric Tile Cutting Tips

    DIY Tools and Techniques shares tips for using an electric tile cutter.

  11. 71. Rotating Laser

    DIY experts explain why this rotating laser light is a great tool when working in a large room. The helpful light makes it easy to inst...

  12. 72. Shop Tips

    Handy hints on preventing rust, storing paint and more from the experts at the DIY Network.

  13. 73. Ergonomics (20:00)

    Chris Grundy help you find the tools to ease your pain.

  14. 74. Inspecting for Water Leaks (01:35)

    Try this strategy for locating water leaks in your roof.

  15. 75. Swiss Tech Micro Pro (00:01:04)

    Pliers, screwdrivers, wirecutters and a USB drive all in one tool.