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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 61. Wet-Saw Basics

    DIY experts explain the basics of using a wet saw for cutting tile.

  2. 62. Dremmel Pumpkin Carver Kit (00:01:08)

    Making innovative jack-o'-lanterns is easy with this Dremel carving kit.

  3. 63. Classic Update (20:00)

    Host Chris Grundy shows us classic tools with an update.

  4. 64. Cool Tool Tip: Rotary Hammer Drill

    DIY Network host Paul Ryan demonstrates a new cool tool — the rotary hammer drill. This tool can have as much power as you need &...

  5. 65. Grinding Wheel Tips (00:01:03)

    In this piece Jimmy DiResta provides a few tips for using a grinder.

  6. 66. Universal Bedliner Rake (00:01:03)

    Sand, bark or gravel, the Bedliner Rake gets it out of your truck bed.

  7. 67. Rocket Ramset (01:15)

    The Rocket Ramset uses a 27-caliber shot to drive nails into hard surfaces.

  8. 68. Specialty Sanders

    Specialty sanders are designed to go beyond stripping and smoothing a surface. The experts at the DIY Network give you a rundown of the...

  9. 69. Pro Driver Impact Set (01:46)

    The Pro Driver Impact Set lets you easily remove rusted or stripped screws.

  10. 70. Grilling Basics (04:27)

    Is your grill the right temperature? Bruce Bjorkman tells you how to check.

  11. 71. Great Jig Shortcut (03:26)

    Make your own cross-cut sled jig to add more stability to your table saw.

  12. 72. Rescue Tools (00:20:01)

    Chris Grundy is checking out all kinds of gear that could save your life.

  13. 73. Artistic Scrapbook Cropping (03:44)

    Cropping photos is an art using templates, punches and other tools.

  14. 74. Felisatti MT216KS Table Saw (01:10)

    This combination saw converts easily from miter or chop saw to table saw.

  15. 75. Calipers and Gauges

    Calipers and gauges are handy tools to have around the workshop when it comes to measuring. Use this DIY guide to see which tools are b...