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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 46. Clean Up (20:00)

    Chris Grundy let us in on a few secrets that make clean up easier.

  2. 47. Blanket Chest (00:20:00)

    Bruce builds a traditional cherry blanket chest.

  3. 48. Whimsical Fence and Arbor (08:37)

    Spruce up your backyard by building a whimsical picket fence and arbor.

  4. 49. Glitzy Teen Pages (04:20)

    Create 3 teen scrapbook pages using bright colors, glitz and fun materials.

  5. 50. EZ Clean Paintbrush (01:11)

    Hook this brush to a garden hose, and in about 30 seconds it's clean.

  6. 51. Cool Tools: Top Tool Picks

    Check out the top tool picks of the season from DIY Network. Find out where to purchase, see video demonstrations and read reviews on o...

  7. 52. New Vintage Vinyl Tile (05:21)

    For a vintage look, try back-to-the-future vinyl tile.

  8. 53. Solve Christmas Light Problems (00:01:05)

    LightKeeper Pro solves frequent problems associated with miniature lights.

  9. 54. Hardwood Installation (01:46)

    Minnie Goode and Lauren Armstrong share tips on installing hardwood floors.

  10. 55. Taping Techniques (02:42)

    Learn how to make the most of painters' tape for use in your projects.

  11. 56. Revved Up (20:00)

    It's all about the brute force as Chris checks out power tools.

  12. 57. Dewalt Track Saw (01:43)

    Introducing a 12-pound portable saw that runs on a track.

  13. 58. Christmas Picks from DIY Network's I Want That

    If you're looking for something decidedly different or cutting-edge for those on your Christmas gift list, take a look at these product...

  14. 59. Fluke Volt Light (01:15)

    The Fluke Volt Light combines bright light and voltage detection.

  15. 60. How to Construct a Shooting Board for Miter Cuts

    A shooting board must be made with meticulous precision. Follow these step-by-step instructions.