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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 46. Bobcat Toolcat (03:49)

    The Toolcat, Bobcat's ultimate utility work machine, has 40 attachments.

  2. 47. Embossed Metal Page (04:39)

    Create an elegant 50th anniversary scrapbook with an embossed metal page.

  3. 48. Velvet Necklace (03:41)

    In five minutes convert a piece of velvet into a lovely necklace.

  4. 49. Safety Equipment for the Workshop

    DIY Network host David Thiel offers tips on safety equipment that should be kept in the workshop in case of emergency.

  5. 50. Can Cap (01:08)

    This cover for recessed lighting cans protects against paint overspray.

  6. 51. Craftsman-Style Wooden Fence (10:09)

    Learn how to build a Craftsman-style wooden fence and arbor.

  7. 52. Miter Saw in Slo-Mo (00:00:36)

    A 30-second slow-motion demonstration of a miter saw at work.

  8. 53. Compact Cordless Drill-Driver (01:31)

    Despite its size, this power tool is definitely not small on torque.

  9. 54. Power Cutter (00:55)

    A look at the Skil power cutter.

  10. 55. Ladder Leveling System (01:20)

    This leveling system fits virtually any ladder and can hold 1,200 pounds.

  11. 56. Using a Harley Rake (00:45)

    Using a Harley Rake makes short work of prepping a landscape for new sod.

  12. 57. Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw (01:52)

    Miter saw with swivel base, pivoting head, built-in laser, overhead light.

  13. 58. Brad Nailer Up Close (00:02:09)

    See a brad nailer in action in this extreme close-up view.

  14. 59. Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT (03:13)

    The knife collector's ultimate dream: 80 essential functions in one tool.

  15. 60. Putty Remover

    Need to remove stubborn paint or putty? DIY experts suggest a tool that'll get the job done.