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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 46. Trade Titan (01:10)

    This work cart that will get the job done and keep your tools safe.

  2. 47. Planer and Dust Collector (01:19)

    A look at Delta's 15-inch planer and optional 50-720 dust collector.

  3. 48. How to Make a Radius Router Jig

    A router paired with a special jig can be used to mill corners on tabletops. All it takes is a square piece of plywood and some scraps ...

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Moderate to Hard
  4. 49. Electric Sanders Primer (04:08)

    Find out the pros and cons of belt, orbital and detail sanders and more.

  5. 50. Miter Saw in Slo-Mo (00:00:36)

    A 30-second slow-motion demonstration of a miter saw at work.

  6. 51. How to Make a Fold-Down Workbench

    Make a workbench that's perfect for a small workshop. This workbench is attached to the wall and folds in when not in use, so it doesn'...

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  7. 52. First 3-D Home Printer (00:01:01)

    Cubify's 3-D printer allows users to turn designs into reality at home.

  8. 53. Problem Solvers (20:00)

    Chris reveals some creative solutions to solve your problems.

  9. 54. Master Appliance Triggertorch (01:20)

    This butane torch's attachments solder, sweat copper pipe and cut plastic.

  10. 55. Ultimate Truck Bed (01:36)

    A storage system utilizes the whole truck bed yet makes tools easy to find.

  11. 56. Putty Remover

    Need to remove stubborn paint or putty? DIY experts suggest a tool that'll get the job done.

  12. 57. Miniature Pencil Torch

    DIY Network shows a miniature soldering tool perfect for small soldering jobs around the house.

  13. 58. Thor Hammer (00:45)

    This prototype is a new take on one of mankind's oldest tools.

  14. 59. Barreto Tiller (03:01)

    A visit to the Barreto factory shows how their heavy-duty tillers are made.

  15. 60. Belt Attachment

    Every DIYer, beginner to expert, should have one of these convenient adjustable belt attachments to keep their tools at hand.