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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 31. Learn the Basics of the Reciprocating Saw

    The reciprocating saw can handle jobs other power saws can't. Learn some basics about the reciprocating saw from the experts at the DIY...

  2. 32. Cool Cabin, Cool Tools- Part 1 (05:41)

    Chris Grundy and a few cool tools get the Blog Cabin roof off the ground.

  3. 33. Compressors (04:22)

    Host Matt Blashaw explores the world of pneumatic tools.

  4. 34. Guide to Multitasking Tools (00:01:01)

    Ace Hardware and DIY present a download guide to multitasking tools.

  5. 35. Tips on Repairing a Drill

    DIY Network offers tips for tool experts on how to perform even the most difficult drill repairs.

  6. 36. Plungers and Augers

    DIY Network provides a guide to plungers and other tools for use during plumbing emergencies.

  7. 37. Weather-Sealing Doors (03:23)

    Stop letting heat seep out your doors. Weather-seal them today.

  8. 38. Bug Off! (03:47)

    The Queen of Clean has homemade remedies for pesky insects.

  9. 39. Easy Countertop Template (01:43)

    Everything you need to know about installing a new laminate countertop.

  10. 40. Safety Equipment for the Workshop

    DIY Network host David Thiel offers tips on safety equipment that should be kept in the workshop in case of emergency.

  11. 41. TurnPro Magnetic Finger (01:03)

    Magnetic fingers let you hold on to metal objects like nails and screws.

  12. 42. Stainless Steel Sink Basics (03:17)

    See how easy it is to install this stainless under-mount sink.

  13. 43. Flat Pack Furniture (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for creating flat pack furniture.

  14. 44. IOGear Wireless HD3D Kit (00:01:07)

    This HD3D kit lets you stream high-def audio and video to any room.

  15. 45. Theme Page Designs (04:03)

    Designer uses stickers, die cuts, and memorabilia for magical pages.