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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 31. Stout Bandsaw (01:34)

    See how this band saw goes from table top to portable in no time.

  2. 32. Types of Wall Scrapers

    Painting and wallpapering often require scraping off what's already there. Dozens of scrapers are available, and your choice should be ...

  3. 33. Pocket Pages (04:47)

    Pocket pages not only add character, they're a cute way to use mementos.

  4. 34. Black & Decker Power Caulk Gun (00:01:05)

    This caulk gun applies a consistent bead and is easy on your hands.

  5. 35. Barreto Tiller (03:01)

    A visit to the Barreto factory shows how their heavy-duty tillers are made.

  6. 36. Pruning Apple Trees

    The DIY Network experts explain the principles of apple-tree pruning to achieve a bountiful harvest.

  7. 37. Incredibly Versatile Saw (06:53)

    Find out what a spiral saw can really do with this in-depth lesson.

  8. 38. Grout Grabber (01:10)

    This tool attaches to a reciprocal saw to make quick work of grout lines.

  9. 39. How to Make a Chair Rung

    If a chair tenon cannot be repaired, it's easy to make a new rung. A router table with a special fence is the tool of choice for this p...

    $1 - $50
  10. 40. Jigsaw Tips

    DIY experts offer tips to keep in mind when cutting curves or lines with a jigsaw.

  11. 41. Leigh Dovetail Jig (01:11)

    Leigh Super Jigs offer extraordinary jointmaking capability.

  12. 42. How To Prepare a Laundry Room for a Makeover

    Learn how to get a laundry room ready before painting it and giving it a new floor.

    Several Weekends
    $250 - $500
  13. 43. Belt Attachment

    Every DIYer, beginner to expert, should have one of these convenient adjustable belt attachments to keep their tools at hand.

  14. 44. Solve Christmas Light Problems (00:01:05)

    LightKeeper Pro solves frequent problems associated with miniature lights.

  15. 45. Spring Scrapbooking Pages (04:19)

    Freshen up your spring scrapbooks with torn vellum embellishments.