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Top 100 Tools Projects

  1. 31. Household Uses for Paint-Sprayers

    Paint sprayers may be used for a variety of household jobs, from painting your walls to applying stains and wood sealers.

  2. 32. Power Hand-Planer Basics

    Handheld planers are designed to smooth the surface of wood. The manual handheld planer is good for smaller projects, but DIY experts s...

  3. 33. Album-Cover Makeovers (03:46)

    Store-bought mini albums get handmade touches to make them special.

  4. 34. Safety Speed Cut Panel Pro Saw (01:40)

    This portable panel saw makes vertical cuts and horizontal rips with ease.

  5. 35. Tebo Decker Kit (01:12)

    This mallet-powered tool drives deck fasteners as quickly as a screw gun.

  6. 36. How to Use a Water Level

    DIY Network host Paul Ryan shows why the water level is the perfect tool when it comes to checking the level of something that's more t...

  7. 37. Stud and Electrical Sensors

    A variety of different wall sensors are available for DIY projects.

  8. 38. Using a Grapple Attachment (01:20)

    Jason has some safety dos and don'ts for using a grapple attachment.

  9. 39. Edgy Knitting (04:21)

    Personalize your knitting with wavy edgy stitches.

  10. 40. Best Hand Planes for the Shop (04:57)

    Take a look at planers and how to choose the best one for your workshop.

  11. 41. Multi-Tasking Tools (00:01:01)

    Here is the DIY Download on multi-tasking tools.

  12. 42. All About Power Nailers and Staplers

    Learn about the different types of air nailers and pneumatic fasteners from the DIY Network.

  13. 43. All About Painting Tools

    From rollers to sprayers, DIY Network helps you choose the best painting tool for your next paint job.

  14. 44. The Hottest Home-Improvement Technologies and Trends

    The editors name some of the coolest, most innovative products they spotted at the 2011 International Builders' Show.

  15. 45. Johnny Jolter (00:01:07)

    Here's a tool that helps unclog toilet drains more efficiently.