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Top 100 Toilets Projects

  1. 46. Simple Home Repairs

    Nagging little problems are the bane of every homeowner's existence, and the professionals charge big bucks for repairs. DIY Network of...

  2. 47. Tips for Identifying Toilet Leaks

    DIY Network host Ed Del Grande explains what to look for when it comes to toilet leaks.

  3. 48. How to Remove and Replace a Toilet

    Removing a toilet and installing a new one is not that hard. Follow all the necessary steps and you'll be on your way to a new bathroom...

  4. 49. Replacing a Toilet

    Follow these instructions for removing an old toilet and installing a new one.

    $100 - $250
  5. 50. How to Install a Sleek and Stylish Toilet

    Host Amy Matthews shows how to install a newer, more modern model in a guest bathroom.

    Under Half Day
    $500 - $1,000
  6. 51. How to Replace an Outdated Commode

    This outdated bathroom has some unfortunate 1970s era problems. Find out how one couple gives their outdated bathroom a new period comm...

    Under Half Day
    $250 - $500
    Moderate to Hard
  7. 52. Watts Flood Saver (00:01:13)

    Check out this valve that stops the flow of water when there's a leak.

  8. 53. Finish a Toilet Installation (00:00:43)

    Finish your new toilet installation and complete your bathroom upgrade.

  9. 54. Updating a Half Bath (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics on updating a half bath.

  10. 55. The Best Toilet Ever (02:50)

    Kohler premiers a DIY bath-shower unit along with the C3 toilet-bidet seat.

  11. 56. Installing a Toilet (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing a toilet.

  12. 57. Self-Cleaning Toilet (01:17)

    Here's a look at the latest in toilets: Toto's self-cleaning model.

  13. 58. Teched Out (20:00)

    Taylor and Stacey's bland bathroom gets a high-tech personality upgrade.

  14. 59. Bold Blog Bathrooms - Part 3 (05:14)

    Amy Matthews drops in to make the blogger's bath design wishes a reality.

  15. 60. Repair a Running Toilet (02:01)

    Got a running toilet? You can fix it yourself with these helpful tips.