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Top 100 Toilets Projects

  1. 31. Bathroom Makeover (02:16)

    Weekend Handyman tackles an outdated bathroom with contemporary results.

  2. 32. Slate Counter and Bench (20:01)

    Period sinks, faucets, and toilet are added to finish off this renovation.

  3. 33. Bold Blog Bathrooms - Part 4 (04:38)

    Amy Matthews drops in to make the blogger's bath design wishes a reality.

  4. 34. How to Remove & Install a New Toilet

  5. 35. Replace Toilet Shutoff Valve (02:06)

    Amy tutors a homeowner in the replacement of a toilet shutoff valve.

  6. 36. Toilet Seat 101 (01:42)

    Brad Staggs demonstrates how to remove and replace a toilet seat.

  7. 37. How to Install a Toilet in a Basement Bathroom

    Host Amy Matthews demonstrates how to do this easy install.

    Under Half Day
    $250 - $500
  8. 38. Plumbing- Part 2 (04:32)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns just what goes into engineering a toilet.

  9. 39. Toilet Replacement (02:00)

    Brad Staggs shows Lester Holt how to remove and replace a toilet.

  10. 40. Teched Out (20:00)

    Taylor and Stacey's bland bathroom gets a high-tech personality upgrade.

  11. 41. How to Install a New Toilet for a Bathroom Upgrade

    When upgrading a bathroom, you may want to install a new toilet, or more accurately termed, a water closet. New toilets come in a varie...

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  12. 42. Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

    These tips from DIY Network will help you choose the right commode for your family.

  13. 43. Perfect Retreat (03:57)

    Tour a Northern California spa bathroom that is an amazing retreat.

  14. 44. Super-Sized Spa- Part 2 (20:00)

    Amy Matthews and crew create the ultimate modern meets rock-star retreat.

  15. 45. Plumbing (20:00)

    Matt Blashaw learns just what goes into engineering a toilet.