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Top 100 Toilets Projects

  1. 31. How to Install the Cove Base Tile and Toilet

    The Bathroom Renovations team demonstrates how to install cove base tile and a toilet.

  2. 32. Racing the Stork (03:29)

    With a baby due in four weeks, the Stantons try to enlarge the master bath.

  3. 33. How to Stop a Running Toilet

    For most people the workings of a toilet are a mystery until something goes awry, such as a toilet that won't stop running.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  4. 34. Pipe Down (20:00)

    An 8,000-pound elephant helps Josh Temple clog the toilet.

  5. 35. Fast Toilet Float Fix (02:22)

    Quick fix tips for adjusting the float arm and replacing the ball float.

  6. 36. Toilet Repair 101 (02:47)

    A guide to what can go wrong with your toilet & how to fix common problems.

  7. 37. Family Bath Expansion (01:57)

    An expanded family bath receives stylish finishing touches.

  8. 38. How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

    One aggravating toilet malfunction occurs when water constantly runs into the bowl. Use these step-by-step instructions to fix a leaki...

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  9. 39. Powder Room Conversion (00:03:59)

    Nicole works to convert an out-of-place full bath into a powder room.

  10. 40. Easily Installing a Toilet (00:02:53)

    DIY Network shows you how to quickly upgrade a bathroom with a new toilet.

  11. 41. Hi-Tech Toilet (01:59)

    Here's a look at some features of Kohler's reinvented, high-tech toilets.

  12. 42. Installing a Toilet (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing a toilet.

  13. 43. Toliet Repair (00:42)

    Anyone can replace a valve on their toilet with these easy directions.

  14. 44. Last-Minute Home Cleaning (01:00)

    Company is 5 minutes away! Learn how to clean only the things that matter.

  15. 45. Toilet Seat Repair (00:45)

    DIY expert upgrades the look of a bathroom with a new toilet seat.