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Replacing a Toilet

Follow these instructions for removing an old toilet and installing a new one.

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Top 100 Toilets Projects

  1. 1. Euro-style Personal Hygiene With the Bidet

    DIY Network explains the benefits of installing a bidet in your bathroom.

  2. 2. Tips on Solving Common Toilet Problems

    DIY Network plumber Ed Del Grande explains how even the average homeowner can easily fix common toilet problems.

  3. 3. How to replace a Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper

    Learn how to easily replace a toilet fill valve and flapper with these basic instructions from home inspector Rick Yerger.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  4. 4. How to Remove an Old Toilet (00:01:16)

    Get step-by-step instructions from DIY Network on how to remove a toilet.

  5. 5. Family Bath Expansion (01:57)

    An expanded family bath receives stylish finishing touches.

  6. 6. How a Toilet Works

    The modern toilet has been around awhile, but its workings remain a mystery to many people. DIY Network experts explain how a toilet w...

  7. 7. Perfect Retreat (03:57)

    Tour a Northern California spa bathroom that is an amazing retreat.

  8. 8. Clean and Green (00:03:48)

    Aaron and Amber's bathroom goes clean, green and full of light and color.

  9. 9. Kleer Drain (01:09)

    See how this drain cleaning system makes unclogging a drain a blast!

  10. 10. Replacing a Bathroom Toilet (01:20)

    Learn how to replace an old toilet with a new water-saving model.

  11. 11. Slate Counter and Bench (20:01)

    Period sinks, faucets, and toilet are added to finish off this renovation.

  12. 12. Family Bath Expansion- Part 4 (20:00)

    Stylish finishing touches are given for a family focused bathroom.

  13. 13. Power Lite Toilet (02:09)

    A look at Kohler's Power Lite Toilet.

  14. 14. Replacing a Toilet (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for replacing a toilet.

  15. 15. How to Install a Hatbox Toilet

    A hatbox-style toilet makes for a less obtrusive bathroom essential. This unique looking toilet utilizes a motorized flush mechanism co...

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
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