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Top 35 Tin Projects

  1. 31. Vintage Tin Bathroom Ceiling (04:57)

    Upgrade the look of any bathroom with a vintage-style tin ceiling.

  2. 32. Raise the Roof Part 2 (04:59)

    The tin roof will be installed, if it ever shows up.

  3. 33. Roofing Aesthetics (05:09)

    Do-it-yourself contractors discuss budget, styles, and roof installation.

  4. 34. Tasty Treat in a Tin (04:51)

    Give a gift they'll really enjoy with these delicious candied walnuts.

  5. 35. Patio Bar Faced With Tin Tiles (00:04:54)

    The Moss brothers design and build a bar accented by decorative tin tiles.

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