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Top 100 Tiling Projects

  1. 91. How to Cut Curves on Tile

    These step-by-step instructions explain how to cut an opening in tile for a pipe. The process is easy but dangerous and should be attem...

    $50 - $100
  2. 92. How to Lay Slate Tile Diagonally

    Laying slate tile on a diagonal gives a room a unique design.

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  3. 93. Mosaic Tile Shower Wall (01:29)

    Matt installs custom-fit glass mosaic tiles that require no cutting.

  4. 94. Steps for Tiling a Wall Niche (00:01:00)

    Tiling a wall niche using mesh-backed tile is a quick and easy fix.

  5. 95. How to Tile a Kitchen Table (00:01:00)

    Here's a DIY quick tip that shows how to tile the top of a kitchen table.

  6. 96. Tiling a Fireplace Surround (00:01:00)

    Changing the look of your fireplace with tile may be easier than you think.

  7. 97. Install a Tile Floor (01:00)

    If you want to install a tile floor, here are a few things to consider.

  8. 98. Vertical Tiling (00:28)

    Here are tips to help keep vertical tiles in place while the mortar dries.

  9. 99. Porcelain Floor Tiling (00:60)

    Here's a DIY quick tip on installing a porcelain tile floor.

  10. 100. Diagonal Pattern Tiling Tips (02:40)

    To add interest to a tile floor, lay out the tiles diagonally.

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