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Top 100 Tables Projects

  1. 91. Fun House of Cards Centerpiece (00:02:31)

    Create this unique table decoration for your next card party.

  2. 92. Bathroom Table (02:41)

    We show you how to create a functional side table for the bathroom.

  3. 93. How to Create a Tree Stump Table

    What to do with that unsightly tree stump? Don't spend the time, money and effort to dig it out, turn it into a functional piece of f...

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
  4. 94. Devil's Den (00:02:01)

    An old garage becomes a den for a New Jersey Devils hockey team fan.

  5. 95. Great Outdoor Party Tips (05:57)

    Great advice for throwing the perfect outdoor party.

  6. 96. Custom Card Table (00:01:00)

    With the right tools, see how easy it is to build your own card table.

  7. 97. Custom Poker Table- Part 4 (02:24)

    Jason and Tony build a race track style poker table entirely from scratch.

  8. 98. How to Create a Leather-Topped Table

    Giving an old table new life can be as easy as applying new paint and a leather top.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  9. 99. Toy Size Table (03:23)

    Build a kids' table perfect for toys with these directions from DIY Kids.

  10. 100. Wow! What a Workshop (20:00)

    A spare room in the basement is turned into a workshop.

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