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Top 100 Tables Projects

  1. 31. How to Mount a Wall-Hung Table

    This built-in table is a great option when there's no room for a conventional table.

    2 hours
    $500 - $1,000
  2. 32. Mediterranean Patio (06:28)

    See how this backyard turns from a rock pile to an Italian garden.

  3. 33. 'Back to the Future' Game Room (00:03:49)

    Josh updates a home's untouched '70s back room with entertainment in mind.

  4. 34. Entertaining: Backyard BBQ (00:02:09)

    Here are tips for throwing a fun backyard barbecue for all of your friends.

  5. 35. How to Make a Swirled Aluminum Table Edge

    Metal stripping protects table edges and provides a nice decorative detail. David Thiel demonstrates how to give a work table a decorat...

    $1 - $50
  6. 36. Stunning Holiday Centerpieces (01:52)

    Add a little drama to your holiday table with a spectacular tablescape.

  7. 37. Fold-Away Changing Table (02:05)

    A fold-away changing table equals extra space in the nursery for only $250.

  8. 38. Antique Repair (00:20:00)

    Bruce demonstrates repairs and restoration process for your antique pieces.

  9. 39. Kitchen Cave (20:01)

    Jason and the Goose give this chef's basement a four-star upgrade.

  10. 40. Best Table Saw Guards (04:43)

    Upgrade your workshop safety by installing an table saw guard.

  11. 41. How to Build Garage Workstations

    Host Karl Champley shows how to build modular steel workstations from scratch to create more storage space in a garage.

    $100 - $250
  12. 42. Decorating and Design (03:02)

    Give an old dresser a new lease on life and turn it into a sofa table.

  13. 43. The Devil's Den (20:00)

    The 'Devil's Den' Man Cave project is pure hockey heaven.

  14. 44. Table Top Heater Warms Patio (00:01:28)

    A portable Fire Sense Table Top Patio Heater provides warmth for outdoors.

  15. 45. Classic Onyx Coffee Table (03:32)

    This vintage wood coffee table gets a classic makeover with paint.