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Top 100 Tables Projects

  1. 16. Custom Poker Table (00:20:00)

    A race track style poker table is built entirely from scratch!

  2. 17. Backyard Brewery (20:00)

    This home brewer's yard is turned into the ultimate backyard brewery.

  3. 18. Kitchen Cafe Table (20:00)

    Amy designs a small, contemporary kitchen cafe table.

  4. 19. DIY: Old-Fashioned Breakfast Table

    Turn old banister bars and a tray into a very clever side table.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  5. 20. Martini Bar Basement (20:01)

    What Ashley and Brian Riordan really need is a great place to entertain.

  6. 21. Toast the Host (04:02)

    Toast the host with these gift ideas from At Home for the Holidays.

  7. 23. Antique Repair (00:20:00)

    Bruce demonstrates repairs and restoration process for your antique pieces.

  8. 24. Distress Wood for Antique Look (00:01:00)

    Jason's tips for distressing wood give a new table an antique look.

  9. 25. Fence Extension and Stop Block (05:40)

    Create two versatile accessories for your table saw.

  10. 26. Eating In (00:01:00)

    There are more ways to create an eat-in kitchen than by adding a table.

  11. 27. How to Build a Portable Kitchen Cart

    This eco-clever idea utilizes both reclaimed timbers and scrap countertop. To construct this handy cart, follow a few simple steps and ...

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  12. 28. 2- Kerf Cuts (05:43)

    Using the table saw to make kerf cuts for creative projects.

  13. 29. Dewalt Track Saw (01:43)

    Introducing a 12-pound portable saw that runs on a track.

  14. 30. Rolling Table (03:46)

    A rolling table is designed to straddle a pool table and add work space.