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Top 22 Switches Projects

  1. 16. Ceiling Fan Switches (02:08)

    Get some expert advice about installing a dimmer to a ceiling fan.

  2. 17. Tub Transformed to Shower (00:02:58)

    Stephen Fanuka and crew turn this couple's tub into a modern shower stall.

  3. 18. Controlled Chaos (20:01)

    The guys switch roles to see what they each deal with on a daily basis.

  4. 19. Step 8: Install Control Switch (01:00)

    How to install the fan controls and adjust the fan for different seasons.

  5. 20. Switch Plates (03:09)

    Artist Vesta Abel adds a faux copper finish to a normal light switch plate.

  6. 21. Kwikset Key Switch (00:01:15)

    Kwikset has smart locks that can be rekeyed as many times as you want.

  7. 22. Installing a Dimmer (00:00:22)

    Learn how to install a dimmer to any wall switch.

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