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Top 100 Styles Projects

  1. 76. Specialty Light Fixtures (00:01:00)

    Installing specialty light fixtures is an easy way to give a kitchen style.

  2. 77. La Cucina Traditionale Canisters

    For a finishing touch to the traditional Italian kitchen update, terra cotta textured paint is added the canisters.

    $1 - $50
  3. 78. Blog Cabin 2008: Master Bedroom

    DIY Network tours a few features of a master bedroom in a log cabin.

  4. 79. Blog Cabin 2008: Front Exterior

    The front exterior welcomes friends and family.

  5. 80. Handmade Backsplash- Part 2 (04:20)

    Paul and the Kitchen Renovations team update a loft-style home kitchen.

  6. 81. Sports Bar Basement (20:01)

    Josh gives this sports fanatic the "Man Town" basement of his dreams.

  7. 82. Loft-Style Bungalow (00:03:53)

    A 1940s bungalow is updated and receives an urban-loft-style redesign.

  8. 83. Rental Reno (20:00)

    This 70s looking rental style kitchen sticks out like a sore thumb.

  9. 84. The Retro Table Lamps (00:20:01)

    John and Jimmy DiResta craft a set of retro-style table lamps.

  10. 85. Beach-Style Den Hangout (00:03:18)

    Josh takes over a huge '70s den and turns it into a beach-style hangout.

  11. 86. 90s Flower Power (00:20:00)

    A bathroom gets a vintage country style makeover with modern conveniences.

  12. 87. Island Paradise vs. Urban Chic (00:40:01)

    Team 1's neglected yard doesn't reflect the homeowners' party style.

  13. 88. Rat Pack Cave (20:02)

    Disguised as a bookcase, a secret door leads to this Vegas-style Man Cave.

  14. 89. Kitchen Sink Styles (01:00)

    Loking for a quick way to improve your kitchen? Start with the sink.

  15. 90. Style and Space (03:43)

    Josh and crew help make a master suite wheelchair accessible.