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Top 100 Storage Projects

  1. 91. Easy Organization for Linen Closets and Medicine Cabinets

    Browse images of beautiful linen closets and bathroom medicine cabinets from DIY Network, and get tips for organizing and adding storag...

  2. 92. Swing-Out Bench (01:38)

    A swing-out bench for garage storage leaves room for the car to get in.

  3. 93. Reclaimed Bathroom Cabinet (00:00:30)

    Add bathroom storage with an eco-friendly reclaimed wood cabinet.

  4. 94. Kitchen Storage Solutions (00:01:00)

    Make good use of kitchen space by considering modern storage solutions.

  5. 95. Wallpapered Storage Cabinet (00:03:26)

    This custom cabinet is handcrafted and covered with wallpaper accents.

  6. 96. Music Cellar (00:20:00)

    A storage room is converted into a rockin' soundproof recording studio.

  7. 97. Pantry Organization Tips (00:00:59)

    Streamline your pantry with these helpful DIY organizational quick tips.

  8. 98. Home Theater Garage (20:00)

    An outdated and junk-filled garage is renovated into a cozy home theater.

  9. 99. 20 Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Check out these bathroom storage ideas from the experts at DIY Network, and add functional storage and style to your space.

  10. 100. Build a Top-Floating Wall (02:23)

    How to build a floating wall that's upside down.

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