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Top 100 Storage Projects

  1. 61. Basement Remodel Overview (02:38)

    Once useful just for storage, this basement is now a room for entertaining.

  2. 62. Husky X-Workhorse (00:01:14)

    This lightweight sawhorse can hold up to 750 pounds!

  3. 63. Kitchen Pantry Storage (01:02)

    Installing a much-needed pantry in this cramped kitchen is priceless.

  4. 64. Table Saw Blade Changing Tool (01:35)

    This double-duty tool removes a saw blade and is a handy storage case, too.

  5. 65. Chesneys' Wine Cellar (04:12)

    A garage with a dirt floor is transformed into a wine lover's paradise.

  6. 66. Make Room for Mudroom (20:00)

    A busy breakfast nook is turned into a multi-functional mud room.

  7. 67. Create a Gift Wrapping Center (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on creating a gift-wrapping center.

  8. 68. Embedding a Television (06:10)

    The team helps homeowners build in-wall storage for their large-screen TV.

  9. 69. How to Build a Hanging Rack and Nesting Boxes

    Turn an unsightly pile into storage with style with these step-by-step instructions.

    $250 - $500
  10. 70. Kids' Cubbies (01:20)

    Built-in nightstands and underbed drawers give these sisters ample storage.

  11. 71. Easy Bulb Storage (02:34)

    Try this one-step dishwasher method for planting and storing bulbs.

  12. 72. Designing a Convenient Kitchen (01:00)

    Design your kitchen around the way you use it to make cooking more fun.

  13. 73. Easy-to-Create Wall Niches (00:01:00)

    Put unused space to work. Josh Temple shows how to install wall niches.

  14. 74. Perfect Retreat (03:57)

    Tour a Northern California spa bathroom that is an amazing retreat.

  15. 75. Rustic Gas-Tank Fire Feature (00:04:57)

    A vintage gas storage tank becomes a rustic fire feature in this yard redo.