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Top 100 Storage Projects

  1. 46. Tower of Toast (01:14)

    A tower with swivel-out shelves is the perfect baking and storage center.

  2. 47. How To Make Hideaway Storage Compartments in the Floor

    These special spaces can store extra stuff.

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
  3. 48. How to Install a Pot Rack

    Pot racks are a great way to save space in the kitchen. Learn how to install one with these easy step by step directions.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  4. 49. DIY Kids Work Table (03:12)

    Create kids' workspace island from wooden crates and a laminate top.

  5. 50. Found Storage (03:30)

    Great tips for keeping stored items safe in your basement, garage and attic.

  6. 51. Boring to Entertainment Mecca (20:01)

    An under-utilized storage area is converted into an entertainment hub.

  7. 52. Craftsman AXS Toolbox (01:48)

    This toolbox features built-in plugs and digital time and temp readouts.

  8. 53. Music Cellar (00:20:00)

    A storage room is converted into a rockin' soundproof recording studio.

  9. 54. Utility Room (20:00)

    Karl opens up this utility room to make it both attractive and functional.

  10. 55. Tool Kaddie (00:01:12)

    Take your tools where you need them with this mobile tool cabinet.

  11. 56. Storage Corridor (01:43)

    Wasted space between dormer windows becomes a kids' storage corridor.

  12. 57. Under-sink Storage Options

    Bathrooms are notoriously tight on storage. These DIY Network tools and tips will help keep your bathroom organized without sacrificing...

  13. 58. Pantry Organization Tips (00:00:59)

    Streamline your pantry with these helpful DIY organizational quick tips.

  14. 59. Stage With Storage (03:30)

    The crew makes storage shelves that become a stage for a rocking homeowner.

  15. 60. Garage Mahal (20:00)

    Home owners learn how to change ordinary garages into unreal masterpieces.