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Top 100 Storage Projects

  1. 31. Cabinet Install: Options (00:02:57)

    Here's a primer on what to look for when you're replacing kitchen cabinets.

  2. 32. Fold-Away Changing Table (02:05)

    A fold-away changing table equals extra space in the nursery for only $250.

  3. 33. Patio Facelift - sponsored (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics for a patio facelift.

  4. 34. Wow! What a Workshop (20:00)

    A spare room in the basement is turned into a workshop.

  5. 35. Extraordinary Garage Makeovers

    DIY Network's Garage Mahal transforms ordinary garages into amazing spaces.

  6. 36. Touch-Fold Origami Stroller (00:01:42)

    Origami Stroller folds with the touch of a button and has pathway lights.

  7. 37. Pop-Up Floor Storage System (01:00)

    How to build a pop-up floor storage system like the Blog Cabin's.

  8. 38. Trashcan Surround (01:00)

    A custom surround keeps the trashcan hidden from view in your kitchen.

  9. 39. Creating a Convenient Kitchen (00:01:00)

    Here are a few DIY Basics on creating a convenient kitchen.

  10. 40. Chesneys' Wine Cellar (04:12)

    A garage with a dirt floor is transformed into a wine lover's paradise.

  11. 41. Installing Bifold Doors (03:07)

    Bifold doors are an easy way to hide storage or laundry areas.

  12. 42. How to Remove Drywall

    Host Karl Champley shows how to remove drywall to make room for a storage unit.

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  13. 43. Tool Storage Tips

    DIY Network offers tips for installing garage tool storage systems.

  14. 44. Kitchen Upgrade (01:35)

    Kitchen Renovation mixes stainless appliances with granite countertops.

  15. 45. Shop Tips

    Handy hints on preventing rust, storing paint and more from the experts at the DIY Network.