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Top 100 Storage Projects

  1. 16. Closet Organization Tips (00:01:00)

    Here are DIY quick tips to help keep closets organized and free of clutter.

  2. 17. Space From Recessed Cabinets (01:00)

    Here's a Garage Mahal quick tip on create big space with recessed cabinets.

  3. 18. Storage and Organization Tips from Blog Cabin 2014

    From functional furniture pieces to clever hideaways, learn simple ways to utilize every inch of space and organize your home with expe...

  4. 19. Designing a Convenient Kitchen (01:00)

    Design your kitchen around the way you use it to make cooking more fun.

  5. 20. Tips for a Safe and Healthy Kitchen

    From food storage to sanitizing surfaces, DIY Network offers tips on how to keep your kitchen a safe place.

  6. 21. Nesting Plywood Storage Boxes (04:24)

    Karl Champley builds a set of storage boxes that nest inside one another.

  7. 22. Getting Organized

    Simple, inexpensive organization tips from the Queen of Crafts.

  8. 23. Big Living in a Small Space

    Short on square footage? Save space and live large with DIY Network's small space designs, storage solutions and organizing tips.

  9. 24. Overhead Storage System (01:03)

    Learn how to add overhead storage with these easy step-by-step directions.

  10. 25. Clever Laundry Room Organization Tips provides inspiration to tackle your laundry room with repurposed storage tricks from Blog Cabin 2014.

  11. 26. Laundry Room Organization Tips (00:01:00)

    An organized laundry room is a breeze with these simple DIY quick tips.

  12. 27. Store That Stuff

    Carol Duvall, host of HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, visited producer Linda Watson's craft room and discovered lots of ideas for keeping...

  13. 28. Garage Organization Tips (00:02:14)

    Categorize items in zones and stack them in clear bins on wire shelving.

  14. 29. Basement Utility Room (20:00)

    A washer & dryer get housed in a newly built room with an added half bath.

  15. 30. Wine-Tasting Room (03:44)

    Wine connoisseur Craig needs a space for wine storage and tasting.