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Top 100 Stone Projects

  1. 16. Outdoor Bedroom Suite (20:00)

    A bland backyard is converted into a dreamy outdoor bedroom suite.

  2. 17. Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Room (20:00)

    An outdoor living area is expanded and given inviting features,

  3. 18. Stone Age Bathroom Sinks

    Stone is taking on a sinking feeling in today's high-style bathrooms. Learn how designers are using this age-old material in dramatic n...

  4. 19. Stone Products for Your Home (03:20)

    The guys take a look at some exciting new products for outdoor stone work.

  5. 20. How to Make a Rope Railing (00:01:00)

    Looking for a railing system that's different? Dean and Derek suggest rope.

  6. 21. Build a Decorative Stone Wall (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for building a decorative stone wall.

  7. 22. How to Set Stones for a Stone Column Mailbox

    An elegant stone column mailbox adds a nice touch to the front of a home, and the experts show how to set the stones.

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 23. Stenciled Stones (03:46)

    Step-by-step directions for making stenciled stepping stones.

  9. 24. Natural Countertops are Tops With Homeowners

    When it comes to kitchen countertops, tile has been replaced. DIY Network shows why going natural is gaining popularity.

  10. 25. Stone and Brick Products (01:25)

    Get the look of stone in your home without the high price tag.

  11. 26. Falling In Love With Onyx (02:52)

    Take one look at onyx, and you'll see why Dean and Derek love to use it.

  12. 27. Soapstone Countertop (01:04)

    Dean and Derek give soapstone a beautiful finish with mineral oil.

  13. 28. 22-Year Facelift (03:14)

    After 22 years of wear and tear, this kitchen was in need of a facelift.

  14. 29. Nattco Perfect Hole Saw (01:09)

    The Nattco Perfect Hole Saw cuts through tile, stone and glass.

  15. 30. Choosing Countertops: Manufactured Quartz

    DIY Network shows how low-maintenance and lovely quartz countertops suit a variety of design styles.