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Top 100 Stairs Projects

  1. 46. 7 Staircases Painted to Perfection

    DIY Network shows you how to paint your staircase for an easy way to personalize your space.

  2. 47. Decorative Carpet Stair Strips (00:01:11)

    Easy-to-install carpet strips add color and an element of safety to stairs.

  3. 48. Stepping up the Basement

    Learn how to add hardwood stairs, hang drywall and install a pre-hung door with this easy-to-follow project.

    Easy to Moderate
  4. 49. Building Stairs (01:00)

    Here's a Garage Mahal quick tip on building stairs.

  5. 50. Anvil vs. Stairs (02:59)

    Josh repairs stairs damaged by having a 275-pound anvil dropped on them.

  6. 51. How to Assemble and Install a Staircase

    Learn how to create a staircase with a round pine railing in a log cabin.

    Several Weekends
    $1,000 - $2,500
  7. 52. Victorian Holiday (04:18)

    Celebrate the holidays Victorian style with these interior design tips.

  8. 53. How to Paint a Staircase

    DIY Network shows you how to add bright color and pattern to a staircase. It is a wonderful way to bring style and attention to a narro...

  9. 54. Hidden No Longer (03:08)

    No longer hidden by trees, a rebuilt house gets a brand-new front yard.

  10. 55. Rustic Game Room (20:01)

    This Texas bonus room is a huge storage area..and it's dingy and dark.

  11. 56. Staircase Regulations and Standards

    DIY Network explains the required building codes for staircases and what you need to know if you're replacing a staircase or railing.

  12. 57. B. Original With Trims (20:00)

    Makeover stairs, windows, accessories and clothing with trims.

  13. 58. How to Revamp a Front Step

    The front of your house is the face it presents to the world. Your steps should do it justice!

  14. 59. Install Stairway Carpet Runner (02:58)

    Here's how to dress up stairs and make them safer with a carpet runner.

  15. 60. 10 Runway-Ready Carpeted Staircases

    DIY Network shares ideas for how to add a stylish carpet runner to your staircase.