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Top 100 Stairs Projects

  1. 16. The Drawer Under the Stairs (01:00)

    Access wasted space under the stairs by building a handy pull-out drawer.

  2. 17. How to Build Brick and Paver Stairs

    Learn how to build outdoor steps in a sloped area using bricks and patio pavers.

  3. 18. Deck Basics and Terminology (01:30)

    Learn the basics of deck construction along with its terminology.

  4. 19. How to Build a Deck Staircase

    With the flooring in place, you can build the staircase for your deck.

    $100 - $250
  5. 20. Victorian Holiday (04:18)

    Celebrate the holidays Victorian style with these interior design tips.

  6. 21. 10 Floating Staircases for Cloud Nine Design

    DIY Network gives you ideas for floating staircases.

  7. 22. 8 Notable Non-Entry Staircases

    DIY Network shares ideas for incorporating a staircase into bedrooms, kitchens, basements and recreational areas.

  8. 23. Frame by Frame: One-Story vs. Two-Story Framing

    DIY Network offers information on the differences and similarities between framing a single-story home and a two-story home.

  9. 24. A Screw Grows in Brooklyn (04:49)

    Palanca refurbishes a wooden staircase. Johnny D. deals with a project fiasco.

  10. 25. The Close Neighborhood (20:01)

    It's a close fit on this episode of DIY Network's Desperate Landscapes.

  11. 26. Stone Steps, sponsored (01:00)

    A DIY Basic about creating safe and attractive limestone slab steps.

  12. 27. Staircase Construction (02:52)

    Home improvement expert Karl Champley vlogs about building a staircase.

  13. 28. How to Install a Spiral Staircase

    Installing a spiral staircase is a simple job within the reach of DIYers with modest skills. Kits of the staircases are readily availab...

    Several Weekends
    $1,000 - $2,500
  14. 29. Fancy Flights of Stairs

    The experts at share photos of stylish and functional stairs.

  15. 30. Install Stairway Carpet Runner (02:58)

    Here's how to dress up stairs and make them safer with a carpet runner.