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Top 70 Staining Projects

  1. 46. Stripping Paint From Furniture (02:44)

    Removing paint from wooden furniture is easy with these great tips.

  2. 47. Staining Concrete Floors (00:01:00)

    Use these tips for applying stain and adding life to old concrete floors.

  3. 48. How to Stain Wood Kitchen Cabinets

    Home improvement expert Bruce Johnson shares some techniques for staining wood kitchen cabinets.

  4. 49. 4th Street Front Porch Repairs (00:01:26)

    Nicole repairs the 4th Street house's rotting front porch floor and rails.

  5. 50. How to Repair Wood Furniture That Has Been Chewed By a Pet

    Did Fido leave chew marks on the legs of your dining room chair? These instructions will show you how to patch and repair chew marks on...

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  6. 51. How to Apply Wood Stain Techniques

    When staining wood, use proper techniques in order to achieve a professional-looking finish.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  7. 52. How to Create a Map Wallpapered Bookcase

    Learn how to give a bookcase a classic look by adding maps to the inside and painting with stain.

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 53. How to Weather and Distress New Wood

    Visit to see the how-to project for how to distress and weather new wood to look old. See the helpful step-by-step instr...

  9. 54. Staining Concrete (01:00)

    Here are tips on how to fix ugly concrete for not a lot of time or money.

  10. 55. Creating a Built-In Bookcase (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on creating a built-in bookcase.

  11. 56. Staining Concrete (01:00)

    Jason Cameron has some quick tips for staining unsightly concrete.

  12. 57. Tips on Staining Wood

    DIY experts offer advice on how to properly stain wood furniture.

  13. 58. Grouting Tile (02:42)

    Here are professional tips for grouting tile on both walls and floors.

  14. 59. How to Stain a Garage Floor

    Can't get rid of oil stains on the garage floor? Consider changing the floor's color with concrete stain.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  15. 60. $19K Whole-House Remodel (00:05:20)

    John DeSilvia finds a 49 percent savings in this whole-house remodel.