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Top 66 Shutters Projects

  1. 31. Help on Hulbert Avenue (20:01)

    Desperate Landscapes has some serious help for one super busy mom.

  2. 32. Blog Cabin Interior Projects (02:25)

    Here are the top five coolest indoor projects from DIY's Blog Cabin.

  3. 33. Installing a Shutter Wall (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing a shutter wall.

  4. 34. Making DIY Custom Shutters (00:01:00)

    Follow our tips to make stylish DIY custom shutters for your bathroom.

  5. 35. Tips for Building Shutters

    Learn how to create homemade shutters with these tips from the experts at DIY Network.

  6. 36. Reclaimed Wood Shutters (00:01:00)

    Matt Muenster shows how wood shutters can add style to a bathroom.

  7. 37. How to Make Rustic Wood Shutters

    Add interest to your front yard with custom shutters. Start with planks that match the style of your home and, once complete, attach th...

    $50 - $100
  8. 38. Victorian Porch in Wilmington (01:56)

    Decorative gingerbread and restored shutters cap off this Victorian porch.

  9. 39. How To Make Shutters Using Fabric and Cabinet Doors

    Soften any window with easy-to-make fabric shutters that coordinate with the room's decor.

    Under Half Day
    $250 - $500
    Easy to Moderate
  10. 40. Rustic Game Room (20:01)

    This Texas bonus room is a huge storage area..and it's dingy and dark.

  11. 41. The Cold and the Ugly Part 1 (07:09)

    Rotted columns, chipping paint and a bare yard all need to be history.

  12. 42. How to Install Interior Shutters has step-by-step instructions on how to install interior window shutters.

  13. 43. Hurricane Shutters (04:29)

    Get tips for installing hurricane shutters to the exterior of your home.

  14. 44. Bachelor-Pad Disaster Part 3 (04:10)

    Recent college grads are finding that their landscape needs to grow up.

  15. 45. Engaged to a Mess (05:07)

    Rebuilding a porch, adding a fence and plants to fix a Desperate Landscape.